Notarize launches ‘hybrid’ closings for lenders The startup has completely rebuilt its mortgage tech platform in an effort to bridge the old and new world of home transactions S&R Notary Solutions

With its launch of Notarize for Mortgage, the company’s proprietary signing and remote notarization platform, Notarize recently completed the first-ever online mortgage closing. By integrating directly with eOriginal’s electronic vault, they enable lenders to leverage a joint solution that takes only a few short days to set up and launch.

Notarize today introduced the world’s first Closing automation platform. lenders can now serve every type of closing — from fully online to hybrid.

This occurs when the loan is funded at a closing by an advance of the loan funds from the lender. In these circumstances, the documents may be post-dated because they will be sent to the absent party to sign at a later date. When this happens, it’s also permitted to notarize the post-dated documents.

Notarize is the first company to solve these challenges and integrate a solution into an online signing platform. Most importantly, our online closing platform is finally compelling enough [click to close anywhere] for lenders to tackle these issues and make the leap to a fully electronic mortgage process.

Statewide Document Services provides in-home and mobile loan closing services for residential mortgages and various other types of loans. We work with banks, direct lenders, title insurance companies, attorneys and more. We work in all 50 US states, including the attorney states, with an extensive network of Qualified Closing Agents!

The closing. and lenders," said Howard L. Tischler, president and chief executive officer of First American CMSI. "Tight integration between our credit origination systems and DealerTrack’s.

The Notarize for Mortgage API allows you to manage each key step of the online closing process: transaction creation, eNote generation, upload of the closing documents, and retrieval of completed documents after a successful close. The API, organized around REST, is designed to have predictable, resource-oriented URLs, and uses http response codes to indicate any API errors.

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Notarize, the first company to enable an entirely online real estate closing process, is today introducing the world’s first Closing Automation Platform. Lenders can now serve every type of.

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