Today at 7am, Trump released his first federal budget blueprint revealing the President’s plan to dramatically reduce the size of the government. As previewed last night, the document calls for deep cuts at departments and agencies that would eliminate entire programs and slash the size of the federal workforce.

“A lot of people are talking about – and I see a lot of analysts are saying – an interim deal, meaning we’ll do pieces of it,

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Sometimes what they don’t say speaks loudly, as when they won’t acknowledge the cost of their plans or the likely tax hit on average people. All of that was seen in the past week of political.

It’s the president Trump’s first budget plan. See in which sector he is going to spend more and where he will cut off the budget.

President Donald Trump’s first budget blueprint, released Thursday, would hit Texas’ state and local finances hard if enacted as proposed, cutting deeply into housing and environmental programs as.

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump’s first full budget would dramatically reduce the government’s role in society, hitting hard many of the rural, working-poor supporters who propelled him.

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The United States has blamed Iran for the weekend assault, which halved Saudi Arabia’s oil production and threatens to fuel a.

President Donald Trump’s first budget – a $1.15 trillion plan that aims to "make America great again" – would hit Washington state hard, causing deep cuts in most domestic programs, the.

WASHINGTON – White house budget director mick mulvaney. said after the White House sent Trump’s first full budget plan for fiscal year 2018 to Capitol Hill.. Trump budget cuts safety net programs, hitting states that voted for him. Under the spending plan for 2018, the Pentagon would spend $603.

WASHINGTON (CNN) – Democrats on Capitol Hill slammed President Donald Trump’s budget proposal and infrastructure plan, arguing Monday it doesn’t address the needs of the American people. While it.

Democrats on Capitol Hill slammed President Donald Trump’s budget proposal and infrastructure plan, arguing Monday it doesn’t address the needs of the American people.

TRADE FLY-AROUND: – Manufacturing lulls hit Trump country hard: “The surge in industrial jobs seen in the first two years.

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