Fed rate cut expectations cause market confusion: Report No One Should Be Excited by a Fed "Pause" Trump was always the market-friendly candidate, but his decision to increase the deficit with tax cuts is going to require a weaker U.S. dollar to fund the debt. Rate hikes in the United States attract capital into the USD, so the President has been pushing back hard against Powell’s tightening.

If the Fed is really going to cut rates aggressively. I consider its management poor, which is why I’m not too excited.

Fed cut makes it 729 global central bank cuts since Lehman bankruptcy. (You shouldn’t be cutting rates if economic growth was strong and supportive of higher asset values) Soaring US consumer confidence at highest level vs. plunging German business confidence since Q4’98.when Fed cut rates "mid-cycle" igniting bubble of ’99.

A rate cut could help consumers save money by reducing interest payments on certain types of financing that are linked to prime or other rates, which tend to move in tandem with the Fed’s target rate.

Why the Fed shouldn’t cut rates here: PNC Financial. The best ways to get kids excited about stocks. Don’t get caught in the market’s ‘fear bubble,’ long-time bull Jim.

Peter Schiff: The Fed shouldn’t cut rates. Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff discusses why the Federal Reserve shouldn’t cut interest rates and where investors should allocate their capital.

"It’s not just that the Fed has a ‘short runway,’ rates are already so low that it is impossible to cut them four or five percentage points in the face of a recession, as the Fed has done in the past.

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A top Federal Reserve official on Friday detailed eight reasons why the U.S. central bank shouldn’t have cut official interest rates this week. and businesses to take out new loans. Stock-market.

The Fed’s rate cuts, and changes in monetary policy, take between nine and twelve months to filter into the economy. However, Trumps "tariffs," have an almost immediate impact on market and corporate psychology. While Trump may well get his rate cuts, as noted above, it will likely have a much more muted effect than what is currently.

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The Fed shouldn’t be cutting, but the market is demanding it. No case for Fed rate cut, So it is somewhat vindicating that fed chairman jerome powell seems to finally coming around to that idea.

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